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Information Parents Need

ZipMilk is a site that provides listings for breastfeeding resources sorted by ZIP Code. It is designed for consumers seeking help or support for breastfeeding, as well as by providers who want to give their clients access to such resources. The data on ZipMilk is collected and maintained by state breastfeeding coalitions and other organizations, which are responsible for the state-specific listings on the website. Reasonable verification of data is asked of each organization at least once a year. Search terms are designed to be consistent from state to state, and to encompass as many multi-state and local resources as possible. Learn more by clicking here or visiting

Click here to find breastfeeding resources by zip code on our interactive map.

The Affordable Care Act, effective since 2012, requires many, but not all, INSURERS  to cover breastfeeding support and breast pumps as Women's Preventive Health benefits without a copay.
Affordable Care Act Requirement for Support

Taking Medications while Breastfeeding

Forget "pump and dump", try "pump and save"! Label your milk with the date and time you pumped it, then check with one of these evidence-based resources to ensure that not a drop of your precious milk is wasted. 

Infant Risk
Questions about medications while pregnant or breastfeeding? Monday – Friday, 8am – 5pm CT 1 (806) 352-2519. 
Download their App Mommy Meds 
This product costs a few dollars but includes a great feature to scan the barcode from medication in the store to receive information concerning use based on the trimester or age of the breastfeeding infant.   

Lact Med
Ths website from the National Institute of Health is for use by families and professionals. Enter the active ingredient of over-the-counter medications or prescription drugs for accurate information.  

Help! I Have to Go Back to Work.

Share Your Experience!

We want your feedback! Your responses will help us to support employers as they develop lactation programs statewide. Help support the mission of PABC by answering a few brief questions about how your workplace supports breastfeeding parents.  Click this link to take the survey.

Resources for Legal Rights of Breastfeeding Families

Workplace Legal Issues

National Women's Law Center

  • Toolkit -  Benefits for Breastfeeding Moms under the Healthcare Law 

Breastfeeding and Custody

Breastfeeding and custody issues can be highly concerning for families. Read expert advice from Elizabeth Brooks, JD, IBCLC, FILCA

Custody Information

Michigan Breastfeeding Network Child Custody Toolkit

Childcare Providers

PABC members work with families, employers and child care centers to support breastfeeding mothers who are returning to work.  The efforts of employers and child care workers are necessary to make it possible for mothers to meet their breastfeeding goals. Breastfeeding support strategies are fairly simple and typically are not costly, but may require some ingenuity to implement known in each specific situation.


This list of resources is not meant to serve as an endorsement of the Pennsylvania Breastfeeding Coalition or its affiliates, nor should this list be considered a full and complete representation of services in our area. We cannot accept any responsibility for the information contained on websites within each resource, and this website/webpage is not a substitute for medical advice. Always reach out to your healthcare provider if you have concerns about your baby’s health or breastfeeding. If you or your organization provides breastfeeding information, resources, and/or support, please email a short organizational description to to be included on this webpage.

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