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ZipMilk: ZipMilk is a site that provides listings for breastfeeding resources sorted by ZIP Code. It is designed for use by consumers interested in help or support for breastfeeding, as well as by providers who want to give their clients access to such resources. The data on ZipMilk is collected and maintained by state breastfeeding coalitions and other organizations, which are responsible for the state-specific listings on the website. Reasonable verification of data is asked of each organization at least once a year. Resources may be collected from local organizations, which verify credentials of some individuals listed. Not all resources may exist in all states or may not be listed at the discretion of each organization. Search terms are designed to be consistent from state to state, and to encompass as many multi-state and local resources as possible. Learn more at

U.S. Breastfeeding Committee (USBC): The U.S. Breastfeeding Committee (USBC) is a national coalition of 100+ organizational members representing nonprofits (national, state, local, and community), breastfeeding coalitions, and federal agencies working to protect, promote, and support breastfeeding and human milk feeding. As a backbone institution, the USBC uses an equity-centered collective impact approach to manage multi-sectoral collaborations. USBC is a great resource to learn about advocacy, policy and actions you can take to support breastfeeding in your community. Learn more at

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Continuing Education



Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Crucial Conversations

Beqiri, Gini. “Crucial Conversations Training: Summary of Techniques.” VirtualSpeech, VirtualSpeech, 25 Oct. 2022.


“NCCDPHP Health Equity Glossary.” Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 8 Dec. 2022. 

Equity Awareness Quiz

“Equity and Social Justice Awareness Quizzes.” EdChange Consulting and Workshops on Multicultural Education, Diversity, Equity, Social Justice.

Equity Does Not Mean Equality

“Equity vs. Equality.” YouTube, YouTube, 6 Aug. 2018. 

Equity Readiness

Ready for Equity in Workforce Development.

Example DEI Pulse Survey Template

List of equity awareness activities

“EdChange - Equity, Anti-Bias, & Diversity Activities & Exercises.” EdChange Consulting and Workshops on Multicultural Education, Diversity, Equity, Social Justice.

Mindfulness Activities

Mindfulness in Meetings - Reach for Resilience. 2021. 

PDSA Cycles

“Science of Improvement: Testing Changes: IHI.” Institute for Healthcare Improvement.

Power Identity Wheel

Watkins, Tessa. “Wheel of Privilege and Power: Intersectionality.” Just 1 Voice, 20 Sept. 2022,  

Privilege Walk

Privilege Walk - Eastern Illinois University.

Racial Equity Journey

“Racial Equity Journey.” YouTube, YouTube, 19 Apr. 2021. 

Sample Agenda With Activities

How to Begin Equity Work in Your Organization with Little or No Money. North Carolina Center for Nonprofits. 

Seven Stages of Grief

Holland, Kimberly. “The Stages of Grief: How to Understand Your Feelings.” Healthline, Healthline Media, 27 June 2022. 

Taking Equity on as a White CEO

“Taking Racial Equity on as a White CEO.” YouTube, YouTube, 20 Apr. 2021.

Tea Time With Jess

“3 Tips to Facilitate Conversations about Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion | Tea Time with Jess.” YouTube, YouTube, 10 Mar. 2021. 

Unconscious Bias

Mayoclinic. “Researching Unconscious Bias in Health Care - Michelle Van Ryn, Ph.D..” YouTube, YouTube, 2 Apr. 2015.

Use Your Everyday Privilege to Help Others

“Use Your Everyday Privilege to Help Others.” Harvard Business Review, 19 Nov. 2020. 

Using a Health Equity Lens

“Using a Health Equity Lens.” Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2 Aug. 2022.

WIN Touchstones

“Win Touchstones.” WIN NETWORK. 

Work Culture

What Is Work Culture? | - Indeed Career Guide. .

Breastfeeding Organizations’ Diversity/Equity Statements

Organizations for families and breastfeeding professionals working hard to address disparities:

Racial Equity & Breastfeeding

Understanding the Issue of Racial Disparities in Breastfeeding:

Resources for Black Families (& supporters)

Resources for Native American Families (& supporters):

Resources for Latino Families (& supporters):

Join the Facebook conversation:

Cultural Sensitivity Resources:
  • e-lactancia (Spanish-language resource for medication/breastfeeding)

  • Native Mothering (general website for parents and professionals wishing to gain identity or understanding)

Organizational Assessment Tools:

LGBTQIA & Breastfeeding/Parenting


Religion & Breastfeeding


This list of resources is not meant to serve as an endorsement of the Pennsylvania Breastfeeding Coalition or its affiliates, nor should this list be considered a full and complete representation of services in our area. We cannot accept any responsibility for the information contained on websites within each resource, and this website/webpage is not a substitute for medical advice. Always reach out to your healthcare provider if you have concerns about your baby’s health or breastfeeding. If you or your organization provides breastfeeding information, resources, and/or support, please email a short organizational description to to be included on this webpage.

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