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PABC 2023 Meetings

The full coalition meets every other month. Join us at a meeting anytime!

Partner Events

While the events below aren't PABC events, you'll likely want to attend or participate if you're able.

US Breastfeeding Coalition (USBC) hosts its Annual conference, called the National Breastfeeding Conference & Convening (NBCC), to bring together a diverse set of clinical, community, advocacy, and research professionals who recognize the public health importance of breastfeeding as critical for reducing the burden of infant morbidity and mortality, childhood and adolescent overweight, obesity, and chronic disease, and maternal type 2 diabetes and maternal breast and ovarian cancers. Click here for details about the June 2023 event. You can also keep up with all USBC events by clicking this link


First Food typically hosts regional collaborative meetings where you and other partners in your community can come together to learn from each other or share ideas. Click here to view upcoming First Food events

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