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Breastfeeding Friendly Employer Award

The Pennsylvania Breastfeeding Coalition wants to recognize breastfeeding-friendly employers that support their employees by providing and maintaining high-quality lactation support programs and appropriate onsite environments.

Applicants will:

Selection Criteria and Application

Lactation Space

The space provided for an employee to express breast milk during the workday can be an important factor in supporting their desire to continue breastfeeding. 

Lactation Policy

Having a clear and widely communicated lactation policy helps to keep all employees informed about their options and sets expectations for both lactating parents and their coworkers and supervisors.

Break Time

The length, structure and nature of breaks provided for lactating employees can be an important factor in supporting their desire to continue breastfeeding.

Support from Leadership

The actions of leadership can have significant influence over whether a lactation policy is successfully implemented or if it fails to provide the intended support for employees.

Download the application.

Review the informational packet which explains the selection criteria.

This award provides an opportunity for businesses to gain public recognition for the important work they are already doing in support of their employees. The Pennsylvania Breastfeeding Coalition would like to honor these achievements and show Pennsylvania communities what it looks like when businesses rise to meet their needs.


Attach your application
Attach yor lactation policy.
Upload relevant photos
Business workers talking

Award Recipients

PA Department of Health Lycoming County State Health Center

PABC Meeting_April 2023_1.jpg


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