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Breastfeeding Training and Education

There are many programs for learning to support breastfeeding. Breastfeeding support is generally divided into three categories; peer support, counselors and educators and clinical lactation consultants.

The training program that is best for you will depending on your personal goals.

Thanks to our Medical Advisor, Dr. Jeanne Spencer for Compiling this resource list.

School of Public Health University at Albany State University New York

This is a series of four videos, each about an hour long


Community Health Training Institute

This is a series of two tutorials… all reading, about three hours total. This activity has been planned and implemented in accordance with the Massachusetts Medical Society through the joint providership of Hallmark Health System and the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, Nutrition Division.

Maryland Hospital Breastfeeding Policy Committee

The Maryland Hospital Breastfeeding Policy Committee coordinated a six-lecture series of free webinars about breastfeeding-related topics that were broadcasted in September and October 2016.  The webinars are available as recordings here. Each of these educational opportunities features a different topic and is provided by expert physicians in the field. Continuing medical education credit is available at no charge, and all medical practitioners are welcome.

Bella Breastfeeding

Bella Breastfeeding: Provider Training is a peer-reviewed online course on OPENPediatrics, a free web-based digital learning platform designed for health care professionals around the world. The purpose of this course is to fulfill the requirement for provider education as outlined in the Baby-Friendly USA Guideline and Evaluation Criteria manual. Three hours of training are required for providers (Physicians, Midwives, Physician Assistants and Adv. Practice Registered Nurses.)

The course is comprised of 15 short learning modules, each with a several question pre-test and post-test. At the end of the course, and if a score of >80% on the test questions is achieved, the learner can print out a certificate of completion.

Learners will first need to register with OPENPediatrics and then can search “Bella” or “breastfeeding” to find the course. CME approval is pending.

Breastfeeding Information and Education

Professional Organizations

Centers and Programs for Breastfeeding

On-line videos 

Journals and Publications (Peer Reviewed)

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