Employer Awards

Breastfeeding Friendly Employer Certificate Program

The Pennsylvania Breastfeeding Coalition wants to recognize breastfeeding-friendly employers that support their employees by providing and maintaining high-quailty lactation support programs and appropriate onsite environments. Please complete the form below to nominate an organization.

Selection Criteria

For businesses serving patrons & customers:
  1. Welcoming Environment— A breastfeeding mother should be treated the same as any other patron by the staff and management.
  2. Trained Staff— The business trains staff to support breastfeeding customers and promotes an accepting environment among all patrons.
For workplaces:
  1. Time— Breastfeeding mothers are given adequate time to express milk or nurse their babies.  This may be in the form of breaks, flexible work hours, or part-time work.
  2. Space— The workplace provides an accessible, safe, clean, private space to express milk or nurse. This may range from a designated “mother’s lounge” to a privacy screen at a cubicle.
  3. Support—All employees are informed about the ways the business accommodates employees who are breastfeeding. The breastfeeding support program is described in writing; this may be in the new employee orientation, a benefits summary, guidelines to prevent discrimination and harassment, a company wellness program, or a separate breastfeeding support policy.  Supervisors and co-workers are updated on breastfeeding support when an employee returns from maternity leave.
  4. Flexibility—The workplace is flexible in accommodating each breastfeeding mother’s unique situation.

Breastfeeding-Friendly Employer Award Form




Please review your entries and, when ready, click:

Annual deadline for submission: February 15th

Award given in April