Model Hospital Resources

Due to the importance of breastfeeding after the baby is born, Model Hospital Breastfeeding Policies were written to promote the relevance, provide resources for the mothers and educate hospital staff on breastfeeding while in the hospital and after birth. The following links provide in-depth information on the Model Hospital Breastfeeding Policies.

Sample Hospital Breastfeeding Policy for Newborns
The purpose of this protocol is to establish and promote a philosophy and policy on breastfeeding that is congruent with the recommendations and breastfeeding policy statements published by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, and American Academy of Family Physicians.

Model Breastfeeding Policy
The purpose of this protocol is to promote a philosophy and practice of maternal–infant care that advocates breastfeeding. Care should support the normal physiologic functions involved in the establishment of this maternal–infant process and assist families choosing to breastfeed with initiating and developing a successful and satisfying experience. Published by the Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine Model Hospital Policy.

A Model Infant Feeding Policy for Baby-Friendly Designation in the USA
The purpose of this protocol is to create a model infant feeding policy that would be adaptable for use at multiple NJ hospitals preparing for Baby-Friendly designation. Published within the Journal of Human Lactation.

Kaiser Permanente Improving Hospital Breastfeeding Support Toolkit
This toolkit contains information about breastfeeding promotion in the inpatient setting, designed to assist health care organizations and hospital teams in planning and implementing performance improvement projects.